Frost on my Window

The cold has returned here in Manitoba. I won't tell you the temperature, but an indication of the cold is that there is currently a straw bale fire burning outside of Winnipeg and the firefighters are using SNOW to put it out! Two days ago my front door was dripping with melting ice. This morning, this is what greeted me as the sun's rays reached my welcoming door.

I love the patterns of the frost on the glass. Wouldn't that be pretty on a journal cover?


  1. oh, yes, this photograph would make a stunning journal cover!! what a fabulous idea!

    p.s. let me know if you want to come for a visit...our florida icicles have melted and we're back to normal! we could have a bookbinding party!! :)

  2. that's gorgeous, prairie! wow! stunning!

  3. hi- what a treat to find your site! Beautiful work, and congrats on etsy.

  4. Thank you all for your comments. Florida looks pretty attractive today--a day cold enough to crack the glass in our back door!


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