Tuesday, December 9

A Little House Notebook

What would you make for a handmade gift exchange among fellow book artists who have way more experience making books than you? Basically the criteria were "small" and "handmade", so nothing too extravagant. I chose to make a little house book--kind of a cross between my travel journals and my little house from the prairie cards. It's the same size as my cards (11.5 x 8 cm) with pages of recycled paper fussy cut in the shape of the house. The covers are made with a map of downtown Winnipeg, with a little wooden button doorknob added for closure.


  1. What a cool little book. And awesome treasury :-) question, how do you get the "screen shot"? Probably a dumb, question...but I never learned. :-(

  2. Thanks for your comments. Currently I'm able to do the screen shots with "ctrl + print screen" then pasting it in to irfanview and saving it as an image. If that doesn't work, there are lots of "add-ons" you can download to work with whatever software you are using. Try doing a google search for "screen shots". There are also some forum threads on Etsy that have covered this topic--you might find it helpful to search through some old threads. Hope that helps!


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