Good morning winter?

This is what it looks like in my front yard today! Lots of wet sticky slushy heavy snow. The kids are so happy to see the snow and got out their snowpants and parkas to play for an hour in the snow after school. We often have our first snow in Manitoba around Halloween, but chances are it won't stay and we'll have warmer weather again before winter really comes.

Occasionally I watch a show on the CBC website about local businesses and happenings called Living Winnipeg. Last week they featured a quilter, Heather Lair, and following this I entered a contest to win a "quilt kit" and I actually won! Today I picked up my prize which was not at all what I expected. I was thinking blanket or wall hanging, but nonetheless, surprises can be fun too.

It's a kit to make a very small landscape scene with very minimal directions, I suppose so as not to stifle creativity. The fabrics are quite lovely, but the pieces are quite small (about 4cm x 15cm). When finished, it would make a picture about 13 x 18 cm (5 x 7").


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