Anne of Windy Manitoba

My girls have been devouring the Anne of Green Gables books this year, so I wasn't surprised when C announced that she wanted to dress up as Anne for Halloween this year. I was hoping to find a thrifted dress that I could alter for her costume, but I couldn't find a single thing remotely suitable. I did find 2 metres of this grey-green fabric at a thrift store for $2.00 though, and decided I could sew something up for her. Combining a pattern for a blouse and jumper together with measurements off a shirt in her closet that she liked the fit of, I was able to come up with this dress. I was quite happy with how it turned out--it has a vintage look to it. C was very pleased. Add the wig from her friend Madelyn, purse from yours truly, and her own boots, she was quite happy with her version of Anne Shirley.


  1. Very Anne with an E. the dress is the right combo of vintage and severe -- not puffy sleeves like Anne prefers. she looks great.

  2. oh this is fabulous, nicey!
    well done!
    she looks wonderful!


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