Technology--the love hate relationship

Looks like I'm being forced into a vacation from technology for some time. We started having problems with our computer about 2 weeks ago, where it just repeatedly jammed up. I couldn't even reboot it in the normal way--I had to turn off the power bar and then restart, sometimes requiring several attempts. When my DH was troubleshooting with Dell on the phone, it gave its last gasp.
Today some new parts, and an hour or two of the technician's time, only to reveal this is a problem Dell has seen only once before, and the whole system needs to be replaced. No access to my email address book, bookmarked sites, all my photos and editing software, printer, etc. for another 7-21 days! The good news is that it's still under warranty. And I do have access to the internet to check email via webmail on the kids' computer (read old, slow).
Maybe a holiday will be good for me....


  1. That sounds like a big pain. but on the bright side, more time to quilt or make books.../Brenda


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