Sunday, August 3

A Day at the Fort

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. ~Chinese Proverb

We learned about the old and the new today at Lower Fort Garry, a national historic site just outside of Winnipeg. Neither my husband or I had visited the Fort since childhood school field trip days, and it was wonderful to revisit with our children. Lower Fort Garry was run by the Hudson's Bay Company in the 19th century as a trade centre for furs, food, livestock, and York boats among other things. Today one can revisit this time and talk to the people (actors) who lived and worked in the Fort.

Wherever I am, I like looking for textures and contrasts and wild things in nature to photograph.

I don't know what this 4 foot tall plant is, but I thought it was lovely.

We also discovered the world of geocaching, searching for clues in the Fort to find the "treasure" at the end of the hunt. S was quite adept at punching in new coordinates into the GPS unit, but the thick stone walls and loss of signals inside the buildings stumped us a few times.

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