Girls' sewing night

I've been on holidays from work this week. Just home with my girls as my husband still had to work. We've been out swimming, biking, to a museum and the zoo, and tomorrow we're going strawberry picking! Yumm! Tonight was time for creativity: girls' night in the sewing room.

My oldest, S, wanted to cut off a pair of jeans into shorts, and alter them. She was inspired by her older cousin, who altered this pair of jeans:

She sketched her fashion design...

...picked several green fabrics from my stash, and has been doing all the cutting, pinning, sewing and ironing herself. Here's her work in progress:

While S was sewing, my youngest, C, and I worked on another project. She needed a tote bag to carry her new sketchbooks in. And again, not making it easy for mom, chose to have it made out of ties, like her sister, S had made. S chose multi-coloured ties, and did quite a bit of the sewing herself.

From a bag of thrift store cast offs (nobody buys them!), she chose 12 ties in the blues:

And this is how far we got tonight:


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