Creativity and children

I love watching my girls in their creative processes. Children are so free and unconventional in their thinking and creativity. The youngest (8) just received some sketch pencils and pencil crayons from friends for her birthday, but organizing things is not her strong suit. I volunteered to make her a pencil case, thinking it would be a simple fabric project--but she said "out of zippers!" Now this wasn't a totally new idea for us. The oldest (11) has a commercially made one, and we have made a few of these together for gifts for friends and family. So she reached in to my stash of new/reclaimed/thrifted zippers and pulled out this colourful assortment:

I sewed them together in groups of five, and then sewed the groups together alternating the ends with the zipper pulls.

Finally, I stitched the two groups together, alternating the ends with zipper pulls for stability:

The final products: one pencil case and one happy girl!


  1. Great pencil case. I have many zippers in my collection too. I saw a leather purse made with the same idea, but it had an interior lining so stuff didn't fall out of the bottom. Welcome to the blogosphere.


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