A broken awl and a happy ending

Last week I broke an awl. It was "heavy duty" and looked like this:

The point just snapped off as I was piercing holes in bookboard. I wasn't doing anything I shouldn't have been doing with it, honest. The store I purchased it at was gracious enough to return it well after the normal return period and I started looking for a replacement online, thanks to store suggestions from my friends at the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team.

Then this interesting item fell into my hands:

How it came in to my hands is a long story with some very sad parts. I'm sure it's an antique. Is it an awl? An icepick? Some other dangerous tool? It works on bookboard, so it's a keeper.


  1. Arg, re-writing. Lost the first one.

    I have one like the top picture but the point unscrews. I'm assuming that means I can find a replacement somewhere!?! Mine is all corroded (don't ask. Well, ok- don't ever use your awl to stopper the PVA and then forget it there) but it's still sharp and pointy so it works for me.

  2. I never thought to check if the point unscrewed. I probably would have broken a second one anyway! The one I'm using now is much stronger and I'm quite happy with it. I often forget my paintbrushes in the water jar.....not so good after a few days or longer.


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